Ann Garnett

Ann’s professional journey is driven by her passion for helping clients, her love for mathematics and her thoughtful approach to problem-solving.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida and numerous insurance and securities licenses, Ann brings a wealth of knowledge to CE Wealth Group. Her expertise? A meticulous approach to research and operations that has been honed over years in roles such as governance specialist and centralized supervision manager.

Ann’s entry into the industry in 1996 was inspired by her desire to make a significant career change that would benefit her family’s future, and she has been passionately serving clients ever since. Her “one step at a time” retirement philosophy is buttressed by her belief that savings should be less accessible so they can compound over time.

Ann is a proud mom of two grown children, David and Madison, and a doting grandma to Brayleigh and Aidan. This longtime resident of Franklin, North Carolina, recently found love again following the tragic passing of her husband, and is engaged to her fiancé, Bobby. Outside of work, Ann can be found playing the piano at her church, tending to her garden or spending time with her Australian Shepherd, Rope.

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