Charles “Rex” Strickland

With a steadfast commitment to retirees’ financial goals, Rex uses his experience in retirement and estate planning to help our clients at C.E. Wealth Group. His career journey in financial planning has spanned more than three decades, dating back to 1984, when he started his own financial services firm.

Never resting on experience alone, Rex is currently pursuing an MBA from Southern Cross University, adding further skills and knowledge to his role and marking his ongoing dedication to serving his clients in the best ways possible.

His passion for providing financial planning is rooted in biblical principles. Rex imparts his advice to each client: “Save early and focus on what you keep,” reflecting his disciplined approach and commitment to client prosperity.

Out of the office, Rex enjoys quality time with his beloved wife, Lisa, his two children and the family’s treasured four grandchildren. He’s lived in Hayesville for 25 years and is an avid golfer, skilled guitar player, and enthusiastic hiker.

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